Player logo not appearing in LMS

I've uploaded a Storyline SCORM package to Scorm Cloud and to my LMS (Moodle 2.8). The logo appears in Scorm Cloud but not in Moodle. 

Scorm zip:

Storyline file:

Any ideas?

I'm using Storyline 1, update 8. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jack!

If you are unable to replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud, it sounds like something you may need to follow up with your LMS team about.

I know we have many Moodle users here though, so perhaps they will be able to assist as well.

As far as standard troubleshooting on this issue, I'd invite you to check out this article.

Dan Marsden

 you could also try setting up an account on and check to see if your SCORM package works there. If it works there it's likely to be an issue with your Moodle configuration.

if it works on the moodlecloud my first guess would be that your Moodle server doesn't support something we call "Slash arguments" 

More info on Slash arguments is here: