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Katie Riggio

Hey, Kristen. Happy to help with these great questions!

1. You sure can! Slide Properties make it easy to customize the attributes for any slide from how it advances to which player controls are visible. You can access those slide properties in Story View, Slide View, and question banks. Here's how:

SPMore on Adjusting Slide Properties here!

2. Currently, there isn't a way to change the size of the built-in Submit/Checkmark in the Modern Player – I have seen folks achieve this by creating custom Submit buttons with CSS, though. I'm happy to share your thoughts with our product team, and feel free to also send them more detail through our Feature Request form

Hope that helps!

kristen kline

Ohhhh Thanks that helps a ton!! So the swipe is for the modern and the button is for the classic only I am assuming.  I see two previous and two next buttons but only one submit button.  I am guessing I also have to chose either modern or classic for the entire scene but can change which ones have the buttons shown?


I see you on these posts a lot and you are super helpful thank you!  Have you seen my DICE post yet?  

Leslie McKerchie

The swipe is just an action on a compatible device. You do not need a button to swipe, but if you'd like a button or a swipe, be sure to choose all those :)

You can choose per slide which buttons you would like to be present on your slides.

I did see your dice posts, but that looks like you are looking for a custom design that may require some JavaScript. It looks like Daniel popped in to help you out on one of your conversations.