Player menu links not working

Hi, Team!

For some reason, the slides in the player menu appear to be hyperlinks (with a gray background on mouseover, and a hand cursor), but nothing happens on clicking any of the menu items.It's a very simple straight-line navigation with no branching.

This situation occurs in Firefox and Opera, both in viewing the HTML output, and the LMS output.

The menu was working in previous versions of my course; I've obviously messed something up somewhere, but can't figure out what I did. I've viewed the relevant tutorials and have searched extensively for an answer to this, but can't see anything indicating that others have managed to do what I've done

Do you have any idea how I can get the player menu functionality back? Thanks very much for any help you can provide.


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Allan Dunlop

Thanks for the reply, Mike. Resetting the menu worked!

That's strange, as I'd done that a couple of times before (as recently as last night), yet the linking was still inoperative. Perhaps it was a combination of resetting, then resaving before trying it that did the trick.

It's great to see the this working--I really appreciate the help, and how quickly you responded, Mike. Kudos.