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Jun 08, 2014

When using the standard player with prev and next buttons for static slides then you have an interaction with a submit button, the submit button appears and moves the nav. Buttons over. This does not pass UX testing and my client of course wants the buttons to appear in the same position at all times. When will this player feature be fixes/optimized/customizable? If I go back and create my own buttons, I will have to recreate more than 600 slides and 1800+ layers. If there were some way to disable the submit button on slides with no interaction then that would be a quick-fix solution that my client would accept.

Second question- the available correct/incorrect programming only offers green checks and green bars and an odd red color bar and x for incorrext answers- when will these be customizable? These colors/formats are not conform to any corporate styleguide I've seen thus far.

3rd question- I purchased Engage only to find out in the aftermath that you simply can't import them into storyline- the latest version isn't compatible and for some reason importing it as a web object didn't work. When will the next storyline release come out and will this be updated?

Looking forward to your response/suggestions! Point 1 is critical and I am supposed to deliver 125 hours of content within 6 weeks here :/

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Meryem M

Allison Antalek said:

 If there were some way to disable the submit button on slides with no interaction then that would be a quick-fix solution that my client would accept.

Allison, maybe one of these ideas will help.  

if your client would accept a nonfunctional submit button on all the slides, you could easily put one there.  Just check your properties to include a Submit button.  There will be a trigger automatically inserted, but unless you complete the trigger, the Submit button will be non-functional.

I'd be afraid that the learner would learn that the submit button doesn't function, and quit trying to use it.  You might need some navigational helps.

Or, you could re-purpose the Next button to submit your interaction, and then move include triggers to jump to the next slide only on your layers of those slides with interactions.  So, never include the Submit button, and have the next button always be the button that moves forward in the course. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allison,

The player set up you've mentioned is by design, so I don't envision a "fix" for it. You could customize your player using the Storyline SDK, although it requires some Flash coding skills or as you mentioned place the buttons on a slide. As Meryem mentioned, you can include the submit button on each slide, but if there is no interaction it won't work or have any triggers associated with it - and could therefore confuse the user. 

If you wanted to use Meryem's second suggestion - you'll want the trigger "submit interaction" associated with the user clicking on the next button and that should showcase the appropriate layer and feedback. As Meryem mentioned, you'll want to double check the triggers on the incorrect and correct feedback layer. 

The feedback you see during quiz review isn't customizable to remove the checkmark or x mark - although you could customize the review feedback as described here. 

In regards to the Engage interactions, I don't have a timeline to offer in regards to when this update/version will be released, but in the meantime you may want to insert your Engage interaction as a web object:

1. Have all of your Engage output in one folder.

2. Rename your Interaction.html (Studio 13) file to"Index.html"

3. In Storyline,click insert web object and click on thefolder icon. 

4. Direct Storyline to the Engage folder (just select thefolder, no need to navigate inside).

5. Click Ok.

Now, when you publish, all of the Engage files will getpulled into your presentation.

Hope this helps!

Bob Wiker

Regarding the second suggestion, does the Submit button have an 'Inactive' state that you could invoke on pages that wouldn't use the Submit button? Or, could you add an inactive state and then invoke it on those pages? Seems like having a Submit button on every page, with it being Active/Inactive as appropriate, would meet UI guidelines (or at least it should!).

Another possibility might be to use Slide Masters to implement a custom-nav solution. Build a master with your custom nav, then use that master layout throughout your course. (You may have to employ two or three such Slide Masters if your course has 100 pages of layout x and 100 of layout y and 100 of layout z.) I have done this with success.

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