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Jeanette Brooks

Hello Huw, it sounds like maybe you've added your Notes & Menu to the  "Topbar Left" or "Topbar Right" positions on your player? If so, those tab positions aren't supported in the Articulate Mobile Player. (Here's a page that shows which features supported in each of the 3 formats: Flash, HTML5, and the Articulate Mobile Player). What you might consider doing is moving the tabs to the sidebar if you plan to deploy your course on ipads, since both the Menu and Notes tabs are supported if you place them in the left-hand sidebar area. 

Chris Cole

Hi Jeanette - The page that lists supported features needs to be updated I believe. It says that topbar left and topbar right tabs are supported in HTML5, but it appears that is not the case. We're not using the Articulate Mobile Player yet we still don't see Menu or Resources when the location is in the top bar.  Thx.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Chris! That's odd; I just did a quick check by publishing for HTML5 with a menu in the topbar left, and Resources in the topbar right, and both appear on my iPad when I view the course in Mobile Safari, as expected. Here are a few things you can check:

  • In order for the Menu & Resources tabs to appear in your published output, they'll need to be enabled on your player. More on choosing player tabs in this tutorial
  • Also, when you choose your player features, you'll need to use the pre-set Menu and Resources tabs that Storyline provides. If you instead create a custom tab and call it Menu or Resources, those won't appear in HTML5 output, because custom tabs aren't currently supported.
  • Another thing to make sure of: it's possible that in some or all of the slides that you're looking at when you test your output, perhaps the Menu and Resources tabs have been disabled on those particular slides. You can find out by going to the slide properties of the slide ... see the "Player Features" section of this tutorial for more info.

If you continue to have trouble even after checking these things, we'd love it if you could submit a support case so that we could see what the issue might be. When you submit your case, please include a link to your published output, and also attach your .story file. Thanks!

Chris Cole

Hi Jeanette. Thanks for the suggestions. We do have the tabs enabled and they appear as expected when viewing on a PC (IE). They don't show up on our iPad though. We are using the out-of-the-box tabs - nothing custom. On all slides, the Player Features is set to Player Defaults. To make things more peculiar...we moved the Menu and Resources over to the sidebar, and the Menu shows up fine there, but Resources still does not appear.

Deb Reed

Hi, I don't seem to have an edit menu when creatihng quizzes in story line. I've selected the quiz template from options directly from story line, but not menu appears to allow editing after I save the quiz. P.S. The quiz I created uses the multiple answer template to enable multiple T/F questions on a single slide. Help please

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Deb,

I'm not entirely sure I understand what's going on. You're unable to actually modify the quiz itself, correct? Are you viewing the quiz in Slide View? Or, have you tried accessing the quiz from the question bank?

Give us a little more information, if you can and maybe we can help you work with this