Player pause button does not pause all slide layers

Jun 01, 2020

I have searched through several related threads and no one seems to be asking this exact question.

When a user clicks the pause button beside the seekbar while more than one slide layer is visible, ONLY THE CURRENT / TOPMOST LAYER PAUSES. The layers below will continue to play their video, animation, audio, etc.

At best, it confuses the learner, and at worst it makes an awful out-of-sync ruckus when unpaused.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

What I want is for everything currently happening on the slide to pause when a user clicks the player pause button (and have everything scrub when a user scrubs the seekbar).

How do I accomplish this?

I cannot post the project due to sensitive information, but here is my attempt at demonstrating how my slide / timeline is set up:


If I pause when the timeline is at  x  (while the slide is showing LAYER 2), only the animated overlay and audio will pause. The layer below with the screen capture video will continue.

If I pause when the timeline is at  (while showing only LAYER 1), then the video and audio pause as expected.

It is so frustrating because I can not see a need to ever pause only the topmost slide layer. It just seems like the default functionality should be to pause everything when a user clicks a pause button.

Thanks in advance,


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Ren Gomez

Hi Bart,

Thanks for reaching out, and I'm sorry you're running into some frustration building your slide!

Without seeing your file, I think it's important to realize first that layers are meant to display additional content on a slide at certain points on the timeline or in response to learners' actions.

Based on how you've explained your slide, it seems the layers don't begin until the base layer timeline ends, and then layer 1 essentially becomes a base layer of sorts as you've allowed for seeking to be able to pause/play the video on layer 1.

If it's possible, I recommend creating a separate slide for the video and placing the overlay within the base layer's timeline so that the learner has full control over the elements as they're playing.

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