Player Properties Issue

Under player properties, it seems the browser settings have changed.  While I can still select to scale to fill the browser window, I seem to remember a second option that was offered as well that is no longer displaying.  When I go to launch, the course displays in a much smaller window and I don't have the option to expand and fill the monitor screen.

How can I get this corrected?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sindy.  In Storyline 360, we recently released the Modern Player style.  When we did, we made some changes to the browser and player settings in both modern and classic player options.

As you point out, the option to change the browser settings has now become a subset of launching the player in a new window.  As modern browsers tightened up their security, they stopped allowing courses to resize the window unless it was launched in a new window.  So to make sure that function worked across the widest range of viewing experiences, we made it exclusive to new windows.

I hope that helps explain the change, and feel free to let me know if you have more questions!

Sindy Chettiath

I'm using the classic player I lock the size and it adds a horizontal and vertical scroll bar not allowing me to enlarge the window as all.  If I select to resize the browser window is too small. 

Is there nothing I can do to ensure our courses display correctly without having to launch in another window?