Player Resizing in Preview and in LMS

I cannot pin down this problem. I have a course, and whenever I preview it or put it up on Moodle, I click through the first 3-4 frames, and unfailingly every time, it starts out EXTREMELY LARGE, and then resizes itself, usually after the 4th frame or so. I would like it to be one size all the way through. I contacted support, who told me to use a "Standard Storyline Template." I don't know what they are referring to, as I didn't build a player with any options other than what are available within Storyline. I did change my story size from a custom to a standard. No matter how I change the player, I cannot get this glitch to go away.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Melissa

I have also seen this where the player option for 'Menu' was originally ticked and then removed, but the option is still resident somewhere on a slide.

Go into Story View and go through each slide clicking the slide properties panel to see if 'Menu' or 'Notes' is ticked somewhere