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Jan 13, 2014

I'm struggling to get the published Storyline course to display correctly on the iPad after loaded into the LMS. When choosing the launch page, story.html and story_html5.html pages display content correctly in the iPad (fit to screen, adapt when the screen is rotated). However, the LMS doesn't update for completion (based on # of slides viewed). If I choose the index_lms.html or index_lms_html5.html pages, the content fits to screen at first, but doesn't adjust when rotated. The screen adapts when double-tapped (First it zooms in to just the slide without the menu, then when double tapped again, it zooms out to fit the whole player to the browser.) It DOES update completion status in the LMS. 

I contacted the LMS and they said it was my Storyline player settings. I've tried:

  • "Display at user's current browser size" and "Scale player to fill browser window";
  • "Display at user's current browser size" and "Lock player at optimal size"
  • "Resize browser to fill screen" and "Scale Player to fill browser window"

None of the player settings makes any difference in how it appears in the LMS (when viewed on iPad). The only difference I see is based on the settings I choose in the LMS (whether or not the content is viewed in full-screen mode or a pop-up window, and the launch page).

How do the player settings affect iPad view (and what are the best settings?) Is this an LMS issue or a Storyline issue?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

It seems that this thread has some more information than your question here, so I just wanted to connect the two. 

In regards to optimum size, it depends on you, your users, how they're going to access the course, and what type of content is included. With that being said, there is some discussion linked in this thread.  If your users will only be viewing on the iPad, I would choose a story size with that in mind and use the Display at users' current browser size and lock player to optimal size. Based on your image in the other thread, I can see that it's being cut off, and I'm curious which file you were pointing to based on what you mentioned above. 

If the LMS is not reporting completion based on tracking number of slides, you could also set it up based on a specific slide being viewed.  How did the reporting work within SCORM Cloud? 

I don't see an  issue that is similar to yours, so I can't say it's a known issue on our end, but if you'd like us to take a look can you share your .story file? 

David Sensenig

I don't know how to select a different launch page in SCORM cloud, so I'm not sure which page it is using. 

When testing in our LMS, I found that when using the launch.html page the player adjusted to the screen appropriately and adapted upon rotation of the device. However, it did not report results to the LMS (either through slides viewed or using the hidden results screen). The hidden results screen DID work when I selected the index_lms.html page (but it doesn't fit to screen when rotated). I'm using 720X540 screen size (4:3) which is fine. 

I tested the product with "Resize browser to optimal size" and "Scale Player to fill browser window", but honestly I have not seen any changes in performance on the iPad based on these settings. The only thing that changes things seems to be the launch page I select.

I'm sharing the file I tested; I'll test again with "Display at users' current browser size" and "lock player to optimal size" and see if that changes anything. 

David Sensenig

I just tried it with the "Display at users' current browser size" and "lock player to optimal size" and got the exact same results. Is it typical for the LMS status to only update when the index_lms launch page is chosen? Or do we have an LMS issue?  Our LMS told us they can only receive/interpret the complete/incomplete info, not details on performance for each question. This seems limited for SCORM compliance, doesn't it?

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