Player Size Expanded

Hi there! I've been having trouble with the player size and was wondering if anyone knows how to go about it, or has been experiencing it lately. Whenever I publish I get extra padding on the player both right and left side, whereas it shows normal during preview. I've tried removing all the player elements but I still end up with the same result. Screenshot uploaded for reference. Appreciate the help!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeremy!

Unfortunately there isn't a way to remove that spacing, and the overall size of your course on the screen is impacted by player elements you add as detailed here:

The number of pixels added to the overall size depends on the elements you include in the player. For example:

  • The player frame by itself adds 20 pixels to the width and the height (10 pixels all the way around your course).
  • If any slide in your course has a PrevNext, or Submit button, or if you've included the volume controller to your player, it adds an additional 51 pixels in height.
  • If you include the title in the top bar of your course—but no player tabs—it adds 23 pixels in height.
  • If you include a title in the top bar and at least one player tab, it adds 47 pixels in height.
  • If you don't include a title in the top bar but you do include player tabs, it adds 24 pixels in height.
  • If you include the sidebar in your player, it adds 240 pixels to the width.