Player size in browser - zoom?

Hi All

I'm currently in a review phase of a package with my SMEs and I've had a few of them stating that the content is being cut off when they view it. The quick fix for me is to say 'hold CTRL and scroll your mouse wheel/CTRL& - or +' but I'm wanting to eliminate potentially a few hundred users calling me up and offering the same fix. I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered anything like this and if so what was the most reliable outcome?

I'm aware that I can adjust the browser settings in the player options and currently have it set to 'Display at user's current browser size'. Should I be setting this to 'Resize browser to optimal size'?FYI the content has been developed in Storyline 1.

Many thanks!


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Paul Brophy

Hi Solange

Thanks for getting back to me-  I left locked at optimal size as when I've scaled it to fill the browser window in previous versions some of the graphics tend to look a little bit distorted (I guess that's the drawback of viewing it on a nice decent res monitor compared to what some of the testers are viewing it on).

It is an option I can offer before the final thing goes live though. Many thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

Scaling it to fit may cause some distortion based on your images and the users overall browser size and resolution, but I did want to share the tutorial here on the different options and the descriptions of how they'll all behave to help you narrow down what will fit your users needs best.