Player Size Mobile Issue

Hey Everyone

I'm hoping I can get some help figuring this out here. I'm preparing to develop a module that will be reviewed via mobile devices (iPhone 6s for the most part).

I created a simple .story, utilizing a size of 720x405 (16:9).  When I publish it to LMS (SCORM 1.2) and access it from the LMS its not fitting the screen properly. If I publish it to Articulate 360 (web) it seems to adapt properly when viewing on the phone.

I've attached two pictures.  Picture 1 is initial state when opening the module.   Picture 2 is after I scroll down all the way on the screen.  My LMS provider is Skillsoft.

When it loads up, you can see some of the information isn't fitting to screen properly.  I've played with the player options (fit to screen/etc) and I have adjusted to a bunch of Custom Sizes, but I can't get that perfect fit of the screen.  The player buttons (page forward/back) are at the bottom of the player as well - but I'm under the impression they should be up near the top.  

Does anyone know what is causing this?  I simply want to create something that fits to screen (and accounts for the Browser Title and Tab Area).  Scrolling shouldn't be required.   

Do people have custom settings that have worked?  What settings work best in the player options?  What causes the buttons to push to the bottom of the screen?   Should I try a different output format other than SCORM 1.2?  Like I said, Articulate 360 seems to display it well but that's not an option for the learners.

Hopefully I can get some help here! 



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kevan.  It sounds like the responsive player is not adjusting to the screen size for this particular course.

From the screenshots, it looks like the course is launching in its own browser tab, so I'm not sure what could be causing the slide to overrun the screen space available.

Can you share your .story file with us to do a little testing?  We would upload it to SCORM Cloud to see how it launches from there.

Does Skillsoft offer any options for controlling how the course launches in the browser?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kevan,

Thanks for sharing the course. I uploaded it to SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for LMS Testing, and you can take a look at that version here.  Mine did launch in a new Safari window as well. 

Here's how the course appeared on my iPhone 6S with iOS 10.3 in Landscape and portrait.  You'll see in my screenshots that once in landscape the browser title disappears but remains in portrait as the slide has already met the width of the phone.     

Let me know how that version works for you and what device you're using!