Player Size - Preview

I've tried to get the Player Size of my slide to fit the browser's optimal size or something like that.  I am using Preview Slide to review my content which includes a lot of images so I want to get an idea of what size these images need to be.  Often they appear to large in preview, but this isn't the normal viewing size.  Thanks.

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Kevin Croteau

Hi Ashley, thank you for your response.  This is the preview mode (below) and since my course will have lots of images with data I need to gauge what size works best.  Do I have to publish to have my project be full size?  The below image is not how the user would actually view the course, correct, am I making sense?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for sharing the image - you'll always see the Preview within the frame of Storyline so how you're showing it currently, is as big as you're going to see it in Preview. If you're curious about overall size, you'll want to publish it and test within the intended environment to ensure everything is appearing at the size you'd like. We set the default story size at 720 pixels by 540 pixels. The additional settings you determine for your player also have an impact in overall screen real estate.