Player sizing

Hi All,

I've got a query regarding project sizing...

I've recently been messing about with my player and imported a transparent player skin which someone had posted on this forum.

I'm happy with this result but my query is that when I preview the module it seems smaller than when the player was not transparent?

Will I have to change my story size if I'm using a transparent player?



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rehan arshad

Hi louis

Checked have you changed the Custom buttons or not??? Mean if you use the Menu(or any other item) at the the "Side bar" it shows a bigger player and if you use the Menu(or any other item) at top-bar right or top-bar left it shrinks the player. Also if you have applied a log it would increase the menu size as well. Also check the below mentioned properties.

hope that helps

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Louis,

Player elements can impact your overall size as described here, so that may be the difference that you're noticing as the story size wont' scale up to take that new space, but stay at what you set for your story size. 

If it's a lot smaller than just the player elements, are you able to share even the images of the two Storyline courses in preview mode so that we can see a side by side comparison? Having the .story file with the transparent player would be helpful as well.