Player Sizing Discrepancy between Browsers in Storyline 3

Oct 11, 2018

My training team is attempting to standardize the size of a series of courses in Storyline 3 for desktop viewing. Our course audience uses Firefox, IE, or Chrome. Current browser versions are: Firefox 60.2, Internet Explorer 11, and Chrome 69.0.3497.100 (all 32-bit). The majority of users have a 27” monitor.

We are using a story size of 1024 x 576. For our project Browser Settings we have the Browser size set to Resize browser to optimal size and Player size to Lock player at optimal size. With these settings in place we are finding the slide size (not the full player - just the slide window) in a published course increases to 1280 x 720 in Firefox and Chrome and 1072 x 653 in IE. 

According to a E-Learning Heroes knowledge base article (, “Depending on the features and controls included on your player, it adds between 20 and 260 pixels to the width of your course and between 20 and 118 pixels to the height”. We are seeing a much greater increase. In Firefox and Chrome the full player is over 1400 pixels wide.

Why the increase in size and why is it different between browsers?

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Meredith B

Hi Ashley,

I can confirm I don't have any browser zoom in use.

My organization has restrictions on sharing content but I believe I can mockup a test course to show what I mean. Can I ask why the slide window (not the player in it's entirety) would increase in size with added features. I'm most concerned with how the actual screen content displays.

Meredith B

Thank you Alyssa. This is helpful. I am seeing the correct slide size when I use the developer tools.

After reviewing a related post I found the cause of the issue. We are using Windows 7 and my display in Control Panel is set to Medium (125%) which is the default. It's interesting that this only impacts Storyline content in Firefox and Chrome.

Do you have any recommendations of how we can get the most consistent experience if users will have different display settings in place?

Meredith B

Thanks. That's definitely a challenge since the display defaults to 125% but only impacts users in Firefox and Chrome. IE locks at the correct size regardless of the Windows display setting. It seems no matter what story size or player settings we put in place, we're going to produce output that doesn't look good for a portion of the user population. A lot to consider.

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