Player Skin Buttons

Jan 21, 2014

Hi ,

I am one of the basic templates provided in storyline as a test case, so I can learn the product, its the blackboard skin. I was wondering if it is possible to hide/unhide the next /previous buttons for each slide based on a trigger or on a set point on the time line. I don't want the present all the time on some slides but instead after a set time period and I don't want to have keep adding in a new button on each page. Is there a solution to this, can I access these objects on the skin and if so how?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

You can't hide/unhide the player buttons based on a trigger, but you could disable them until a user has interacted with all the slides elements.   If you were using custom buttons, you could then have them appear at a particular point on the timeline or again when a user has interacted with specific elements. 

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