Player Template

Another department of my company created a Player Template that is suggested for us as a company to use.

I have SL2. I know that department has 360. It is alleged that this 'template' (attached) was created in SL2.
Anytime I attempt to open this file I get the message "This project cannot be opened. It was created in a newer version of Storyline."

The person that was most knowledgeable with all these programs has left the company so I do not have her as a resource to know the real story.

We are attempting to have a unified look to our projects.

Any help would be appreciated. 

Dave French

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Michael Anderson

One feature i do NOT like about Storyline 3/360, if you open a Storyline 2 project, you are asked if you want to upgrade the project to the current version of Storyline. Most programs at this point would prompt you to enter a new filename to save the upgraded file. Storyline 3 does not do this, it just writes over top of the current file. This is a very bad design. The first time it did this to me I didn't realize it would automatically save over the current file, and I had to retrieve my Storyline 2 version of the file from backup. I wonder if that is what has happened to your template file.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi David! I think your concern may be valid. I could not open your file with SL2, but it opened right up with SL360.

To Michael's point, a pop-up does occur prior to upgrading and a backup file is created as well in the original version. So, if it was created in SL2 and then someone opened it in SL360, there should be a backup version running around as well.

We do recommend this workflow if working collaboratively as well.

David French

Thank you both for the replies. Now the mystery is that this is my UK office and a primary player in the knowledge of Storyline has since left.  This may take a bit of digging to locate. It is NOT the end of the world as they are not overly concerned if I use that exact template for the player. I have been directed as to how to customize it and there may be a couple of changes I may consider which they may not have.

Leslie, how are the backup files noted, names etc? At least I can have someone do a search to find the filenames.

Dave French