Player Title vs. File Title in Storyline

Hello 360 community!

We are publishing a new course and have run into an odd issue that I am hoping is something I can just switch off!

We have a very specific format we use to title the courses within the Player so it looks clean and the user knows exactly what they are working on. However, when it's time to publish, we want the file name to be different to avoid issues that crop up when URLs are created from file names with spaces, hyphens, colons, etc. 

What happens is that once we change the file name, this somehow becomes the title in the player, which is not at all what we want, and we don't discover this until we've set it up in our LMS.

Has anyone else experienced this? We would like to be able to have both, so I'm a bit confused as to why Storyline feels the need to align them :)

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Veronica Budnikas

Hi Hannah,

You can change the title of the course in the Publish dialogue box, and keep the .story file named however you like. 

See the screenshot attached, where the filename is highlighted, the elearning course name is highlighted in the Publish box, and then the published course shows the elearning course name (not the filename)

Hope this helps!

Natasha Moussavi

Thanks Veronica!

I have been creating different names in each of those fields, but I've noticed that they are linked. If I make the change in the Player, it becomes the name when I publish, and vice versa. So what happens is that even when I name it in the Player window, when I adjust the name in the Publish screen, it automatically changes it in the Player as it's publishing...

I have a feeling it has to do with when I save it, however I'm just not quite sure why these fields are linked at this level.

Knut Jackowski

Hi Hannah,

yes the title is the same and while I have not solution to change this (maybe someone else has), I can tell you at least that since we started using SL (in 2015), we have published courses with spaces in their names and used them in a LMS without any problem. The LMS does not use the folder naming at all when serving the SCORM content (at least the ones I know don't), so you will not see these in the URL.

Outside of the LMS (when we just publish for web and put it on a server) we change the folder name after publishing and before we upload the courses.

B Lewis

I am having a slightly different issue.  When publishing for LMS I do not want the title anywhere in the browser window.  On desktop the title appears outside the player and on iPAD the title shows above the module.  The Title option is not checked in the player settings.  Does anyone know how to prevent the Title from being displayed?

Marcela Bettini

This title that flashes or appears, especially on mobile, is coming in from the Identifier field in the SCORM publish. In Publish settings, click Reporting and Tracking. On the default tab for Reporting, you see the Identifier text field towards the bottom, which automatically defaults to your file name. Update this field to display what you want and republish, and you will see this fixed. Hope this helps. I had to do some hunting to get rid of it on my own.