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I have an odd issue. News Gothic our brand typeface and I set the player to use this font (News Gothic Std).  I do NOT have a version of the font for Italic, Bold or other variations, I have to use the typeface options in the software to set Bold, Italic, etc.

I have a number of courses using this in the Articulate 360 Modern Player, but one lesson, the typeface is italicized. I have no idea how it got that way, or how to change it back.

In the Player Properties (image attached) it shows the typeface and the non-italicized typeface in the player. Also attached is this lesson published to Articulate Review showing the typeface in the player Italics, while it is not in all other lessons (image also attached).

Any ideas?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael,

Thanks for sharing those images. For the course with the Italic text in the player, was that created on the same computer and by the same author? If someone else created it who had the italic font version installed, that could explain the difference. 

Have you tried importing that lesson into a new .story file to republish? That may clear up some of the odd behavior as the import won't carry over the player features (you'll need to reset those) and will default to what you have set up in the new .story file.

Let us know if that helps or if you're still running into trouble! 

Michael Milroy

All courses were created by me on the same computer. I have over 30 lesson I've launched in the last 5 months and this is the only one that does this. When I tried to create a new version of this lesson (Save As) the new course has the same issue.

Tried creating a new .story file and then importing the lesson. Same issue. Tried Arial and now the "Notes" are in Italics (even after I chanced the Notes type face to Times New Roman) but the titles are in Arial regular.

Michael Milroy

Okay, I've identified where the problem is, I just don't know how to go about fixing it.

When I change the typeface in the Player Properties, only some of the Slide Notes change. That is because I've done formatting in some of the slides by hand AND, I suspect I've had to do that because the Notes are copied and pasted from a Word document.

I changed the Notes and Player typefaces to Times New Roman and then manually changed the slide notes that didn't change. All typefaces were regular.

I changed the Player typeface to News Gothic and it worked fine.

I changed the Notes typeface from the Player Properties and the slides that changed to News Gothic were fine.

But when I changed the other slide notes to News Gothic, I caused the problem again - all Notes and the Player typefaces are italic.

Is there a way to clear formatting from the Notes fields?

I've had strange problems with this. I have one slide in another course that I cannot make the bullet points light gray - they remain black no matter what I do.

I'm guessing this is a similar problem - a problem that Microsoft products have with the storage of formatting in the invisible paragraph character.


Michael Milroy

Solved the problem.

In the Notes of one slide, I have this:

[Flight Center]
One minute 15 seconds, velocity 2,900 ft/sec. Altitude nine nautical miles, down range distance seven nautical miles.


Flight Controllers here looking very carefully at the situation. Obviously a major malfunction. We have no downlink.


We have a report from Flight Dynamics Officer that the vehicle has exploded. Flight Director confirms that. We are looking at… checking with the recovery forces to see what can be done at this point.


When I un-italicize "[silence]", the entire problem was fixed. Isolated that problem is second version of the lesson and this again was the solution.

So there you go, just in case someone else has a similar problem.

But it is interesting that this slide is in the 2018 version of the course launched in November 2018 and I didn't have any problems. Seems this issue may have been caused in the latest updates to Storyline 360.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael,

You've done quite a bit of troubleshooting - and I appreciate you keeping this discussion updated! 

Was this the only file that showcased the italic text in the notes? Also, had you republished this course since the November 2018 version, and that's when you started to see it? 

If you do have a copy of it that you're able to share, I'd love for our Support Team to investigate it a bit further. If not, and you've moved on, I totally understand that too! 

Michael Milroy

Correct.  This lesson was published and released for 2018 on December 3, 2018. I opened the lesson and did a "Save As" for the 2019 courseware. When I published it to Articulate Review at the beginning of February, that's when it issue appeared (it showed up on Review, but not in the actual Player Properties. I did a second "Save As" to create another copy of this file so we would have a New Hire and a Recurrent version of the courseware (upon editing) and both versions were doing this. That's how I had a second version to test my "fix" on. 

Ugh! I think I've either fixed or deleted all the broken version. Let me see if I can recreate and upload for you. If I attach to a message here, is it private to you and Support? Or do you have another place I can upload to?

Katie Riggio

Welcome to eLearning Heroes, Callum!

Sorry you're also running into this italicized text issue. We'd love to help!

With your permission, we can carefully test your .story file and will delete it once we nail down what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or share it privately with our Support team here