Player wont scale to fit when using iPad (works on Android tab though)


I'm new to this so not sure if I'm posting this in the right place. If not, please correct me :)

I’m creating my first storyline course (or very first digital course of any kind) and have stumbled upon a few problems. When published in our LMS it all looked quite good at first, while I was still working from my computer, but when I switched to iPad I realized that the player refuses to scale properly. Its really quite weird – the player becomes so big that only a small part of it is visible within the LMS's content area (wich might be an iframe, I don't know), and the whole LMS interface gets enlarged. Almost as if the browser zooms in by itself.

The player is set to “Display at users current browser size” and “Scale to fill browser window”. I’ve marked the “Include html 5 output” and “Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad”. The story size is set to "Scale to fit" if the new size is larger or smaller.

We have other storyline productions that works fine (even some with the same settings as mentioned above) so I don’t think the problem is caused by the LMS. Also, I've tested it on an Android tab and that worked just fine too.

 I really need some help here– what could be causing this? :/

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Towa and welcome! 

This is definitely the right place to post questions and seek advice. 

You mentioned the content might be in an iframe - which is known to cause some difficulty with LMS display as detailed here, but since your other courses are hosted in the same LMS with the same settings - I suspect that's not the problem, but you can easily test this by uploading the course to SCORM Cloud, which is an industry standard for testing SCORM content to see how it displays there. If everything displays as expected there, you'll want to connect with your LMS team about not having the content in the iFrame.

You mentioned that you publish for html5 and the mobile player - but I'm assuming you're seeing this display issue in mobile safari? If you've published for both and your LMS supports the Tin Can api, you'll see the content in the mobile player as described here. 

If you're still having difficulty, could you tell us more about the version/update of Storyline you're using, what iPad iOS you're using, and if you're seeing this in the HTML5 or mobile player. We'll want to take a look at the .story file as well. 

Towa L

Hi Ashley,

I uploaded the file to SCORM cloud, and I think it displayed just fine (not quite sure how to use SCORM cloud but didn't get any warnings and the course looked fine when I launched it).

Our LMS does not support the Tin Can api.

I'm not sure whether I see this using the HTML5 or the mobile player - what's the difference? As mentioned I set the course to include html5 output and the Articulate mobile player. The issue appeared in the Safari browser on iPad - not sure if that's the same as "mobile safari" but i suppose it must be.  The iPad iOS is 7.1.2 I think.

After reading your question about what version of Storyline I'm using, I took a look myself and downloaded the latest update this morning. This actually solved the issue with the enlarged interface of the LMS (yay!), and some of the other issues I had with images that got cropped in the lower half.

Now the only remaining problem is that the Safari browser on iPad crashes randomly. I've looked at a few published Storyline courses within our LMS and they behave the same way - at some random point, Safari shuts itself down. I found a few posts saying that complex courses with many slides, audio files and layers could cause this problem. But then I also found this that says this issue was corrected in a previous update. Since I downloaded the update this morning, how come Safari keeps crashing?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Towa!

Okay, first thing, glad that the update seems to have helped your first issue :)

Secondly, HTML5 would be a browser while the mobile player is actually an app that is available. 

You are correct, if the browser was crashing due to the information you shared above, that should have been corrected in the update.

I think your best bet would be to share the .story file at this point. If you cannot share it here, I'd recommend that you share it here privately.

Towa L

Hi Leslie,

I'm still not sure whether it plays in the mobile player or the browser, but guessing the mobile player. I'm including the Articulate mobile player and the course opens in a lightbox (iframe) in our LMS. There I have to click a blue play button which can't be seen when accessing the course from the computer, so I've just assumed that the included mobile player gets embedded in the course since i'ts not running in a separate app outside of the LMS.

I have just submitted a support case with the storyline file attached.