Playing a story.html file in my browser

Hi, I'm publishing my Articulate Storyline file using the web option and then saving it to my hard drive but when I try to open the story.html file in my browser (explorer and chrome) it starts to open and then gets hung up and won't go any further. I've tried publishing in different formats but nothing has worked so far. Can you help?

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Jo P

Thank you for your reply Wendy. My organization's security requirements don't allow me to use these sites to publish to. I have to keep to within the fire wall and I don't have access to the LMS so I have to get the story.html file playing in my browser.  I've tried the Flash player 23 work around but that isn't working either.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Jo, have you tried publishing using the CD option?  It is the best option for when you want to run a course from your hard drive. When you publish this way Storyline creates a Launch_Story application that you should use instead of story.html to launch the course.

I don't use it much but I just tried it and it seems to work - even in the version of Chrome which no longer likes Flash.

Crystal Horn

Hi there Jo.  It sounds like you've worked on these steps for making sure your course can play locally.  As a best practice, I would agree with Nancy's suggestion of publishing to CD if you can't host your content online, and you'll need to have Internet Explorer 8 or later and Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or later in order to open the launch_story.exe file.

If you're meeting these requirements (and it sounds like you might be), would you be interested in working with our engineers to dig a little deeper?  We'll see if we can get that course playing for you locally!