Playing and Pausing Audio from Base to Layer

Sep 13, 2019


I'm working on a project that has five different audio (narration) files. 1, main slide and 4-layers. The base layer has a trigger that once an object is dropped, it will go to the slide layer and a different narration begins. When the narration for that slide layer is complete, I would like it to return to the main base layer (trigger already created), and start the narration at a specific spot on the timeline. Is that possible?


I hope its clear! 

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Jerry Beaucaire

Not fully clear.  You can:

  • PAUSE the base layer when the layer opens using the Layer Options (the gear icon)
    This would resume the base layer when the layer closes if the timeline was still moving when the layer opened.
  • PAUSE the base layer timeline using triggers on the base layer.  You can use objects with triggers or a trigger on the layer as it closes to resume the timeline at the current point.

You can't "jump" to a point in the base timeline where you weren't already paused.   But you should't need to.  If you need full control of audio, put ALL of your audio into layers.  You can open an initial layer instantly when a slide starts, even if the only thing on that layer is audio.  Just make sure that layer isn't set to pause anything else you don't want paused (the base or other layers).

Then as your individual layers are completed, as the user moves on you can have full control of where they go next among the audio layers, so you can play another non-specific audio clip, or revisit a previous audio layer (make sure that layer is set to "reset to initial state" so it will play its' clip again.

You get the idea hopefully.  In a nutshell, once you move all the audio onto layers you will be able to do the kind of jumping around it sounds like you want to accomplish.

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