Playing audio after slide interaction is complete

Sep 22, 2014

I have a slide with 4 buttons that open up 4 different layers, all having a variable on them that sets to true when a learner opens the layer. When they get back to the base layer, I want narration to play "Select next to continue".

How would I set this up so that it only plays when all interaction as been completed?

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Mike Enders

Hi Katie,

Okay, I think I figured it out.  I've gone through piece by piece to localize the problem...and, unfortunately, it might involve a bug.  BUT!  I've got a workaround.  

First off, we're going to use state changes instead of variables.  Its a long explanation, but the short of it is that the variable change is a one time event which occurs as we're either going to the slide layer (which pauses the audio) or coming from the layer.  On the other hand, the trigger we're now using (play audio when state of buttons 1-4 is visited) is more of a blanket statement and doesn't rely upon something changing.  Subtle difference, but key.

Also, the potential bug...

It seems that if the base layer audio is longer than the 2nd piece of audio, then then 2nd piece won't play unless you place it beyong the first piece in the timeline before adding your trigger (which changes it to "recorded").  

I'll need to confirm whether it's a bug or not.  It's possible I'm off in my understanding of how the audio on the timeline should work when it's targeted.  But for now, the fixes are to go with states and move the second audio file. Please see attached.


PS.  It is kinda cool to work on this.  In past projects, I've always place the 2nd audio file on a slide layer and triggered that layer to play when the learner had completed a certain set of tasks.  Thanks for the opportunity to learn and problem solve!

Katie Evans

Thank you so much Mike!

I'm interested to find out if it's a bug or not. I just previewed your file and it works if you click through each button only once, but if you re-visit a layer before clicking through them all, the 2nd audio still doesn't play.

Again, thank you for your hard work - I really appreciate it.

Katie Evans

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