Playing audio again after it has completed

Jul 28, 2016

I'd like the play button to work even if the audio has already played and completed. Currently the play button on the built-in seekbar doesn't work if the audio has already completed. So if I view a slide with audio and the audio completes, pressing "play" again doesn't do anything. I know that I can drag the seekbar to the beginning, or, if I didn't need my slides to be set to Resume Saved State (see below), I could use the refresh button.  I've been trying to figure out a way to reset the slide to the beginning of the timeline when it completes, but don't see any way of doing this. Is there a way to get the Play button to reset when the timeline completes, or in some other way get the timeline to reset? 

A somewhat related issue that I'm having is that I have to have all of my slides set to Resume Saved State (a progress counter I'm using requires that) so if a user revisits a slide that they left halfway through, it picks up on the timeline wherever they left off. Is there any way around this? The only thing I have going on on the timetime is audio, but our client understandably wants to be able to revisit a page and have the audio play from the beginning, not part way through. Any suggestions?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Kristen -- Thanks so much for reaching out here! Do you happen to have a file already started that you might be able to share to help illustrate what you have in mind? And regarding replaying your audio, are you looking for the audio to loop as described here? Any additional details you  might be able to provide would be appreciated! 

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