Playing course on touch screen monitor?

May 07, 2014


My employer has asked me to use Articulate Storyline to make a sort of "interactive product catalog" that we can use at trade show events. They previously used looping PowerPoints to show products but now want something that can not only loop images, but let visitors come by and take a quiz, click on product pages to see and read about products, etc.

I know this must sound odd, but does anyone know if Story files can be opened on a laptop that is hooked up to a touchscreen monitor and actually used on said monitor?  Would visitors still have to use the laptop to navigate? Story files can not be opened on a monitor and played like PowerPoints, correct?

Thank you!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nicole,

I don't think there will be a problem with this, but then again it comes down to what type of touch-screen device or monitor you're using and how the content is displayed to the user. 

An alternative is to provide a keyboard and/or mouse along with the monitor (especially if you want to keep the laptop out of site). 

For example, in this thread, you can see how Bruce was able to set up a kiosk using an iPad - one of my favorites :)

If you have access to one of these monitors I would definitely recommend testing it out and sharing if you have any trouble.

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