Playing exit animation upon click/interaction

Hi there,

I'm trying to find ways to initiate exit animation on object upon clicking and/or other user interactivity.

For instance, I have a slide with images and a button. I would like to:

Upon clicking the button - image x plays its exit animation and then progress to the next slide. It's important for the exit animation to end before the slide progresses.

any ideas?



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Lisa Anderson

Hi Eitan,

What type of an exit animation are you applying to your image? The reason I ask is that you can accomplish this if you use a motion path on your image, have the animation on the image "move" when the button is clicked, then have the slide auto advance when animation (motion path animation) completes. 

Lisa Anderson

That is correct. tt won't work in  a state. You could copy the image, create your motion path to move the initial image, then have the copy image appear on the timeline when the motion completes (you'd have to figure out the timing) and then give that copy image a fade exit. Then, have a trigger for the slide to auto advance when the fade completes.