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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Vanessa!

This would not be a supported method by Articulate.

When viewing content on an iPad, you can use either the Articulate mobile player app (recommended) or the mobile Safari browser.  To compare how Storyline content behaves in these environments, please review this article.

To review frequently asked questions and answers regarding iPad / HTML5 content, click here.

Michael Hinze

@Vanessa, I assume your clients take your Storyline HTML5 content and add a 'app wrapper' (using something like PhoneGap Build) around it. These app wrappers really only display HTML5 content in a chromeless browser window. I would run your content in a normal mobile browser, e.g. mobile Safari and see of the same issue occurs. If it does, then it is an issue with Storyline's HTML5 audio support. If it works as expected in a mobile browser, then it is a problem with your client's tool.