Playing two video files at the same time

I want to place two video files (actually one of a live presenter, the other of a slide set screen-recorded with moving mouse) side-by-side on a slide, to play simultaneously.

This works fine in Flash output, but not in HTML5 or using Articulate Mobile Player on iPAD. It's the latter I really want to do. On the iPAD with AMP, only one video plays - if the other is started, the other stops.

Does anyone know whether this is a limitation of the AMP (and would there have been any change with the recent SL update?), or is this a hardware limitation of the iPAD?

If anyone can suggest a solution, I'd be grateful!

(One thing I thought of: Is there any software which can montage two video files side by side and create one final output video from them? One will have sound)

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Michael Hinze

John, it looks like playing two vids at the same time in an HTML5-published file is not possible; I tried this in HTML5 desktop browsers, mobile safari and the AMP. As you had already found out, only one video plays.

As a 'hack', I stuck two videos on a Storyline slide, and then recorded it using (wait for it...) Storyline! Here is a quick test. Going that route, you get at least one set of player controls for both videos. You could also use something like Captivate or ScreenFlow to record both videos, but why would you if you already have Storyline.