Playing Videos in Storyline via IOS 7.1.1

When playing videos built into Storyline from and iPad with IOS 7.1.1 we have some but not all users who are not able to play the video's. Pop-up blocker has been disabled. The video shows but has a line through the play button. Again, this works for some but not others. The course is being accessed via our LMS, SumTotal.

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Craig Lutz

The course attempts by both successful and unsuccessful users are being done in mobile Safari. We have tested Chrome as well and that also does not work for those who have issue with mobile safari. The version of IOS that both successful and non-successful users are using is IOS 7.1.1. Also, the users that are experiencing the issue are using and iPad 2 and we have tested on that as well with success.

Kirsty Smith

HI there, I have the same issue. My course works fine in SCORM cloud. But some iPads will play the course and others wont. I am wondering how the videos are played and if the amount of space left on the iPad affects it? The ipad it worked on had 14GB spare. The one that didnt work had 800MB spare.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kirsty,

Does every iPad consistently play the videos from SCORM Cloud? If so, you may want to look into the troubleshooting steps here.

The amount of memory being used by the iPad may play a role in this, so I'd suggest ensuring you've closed other programs and applications, including if you have more than one tab open in mobile Safari. As detailed here, the iPad and mobile Safari do have some limitations detailed here.