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Dec 12, 2019

Hello Friends!

Here's my issue.. and maybe I'm doing it wrong to start..??  I placed a delay in response time (7secs) for a training module assistant to show. In my module, if the user is having trouble locating the hotspot, after 7secs a character (assistant) will appear point out where to click. My problem is, I can't get the assistant to not show up if the user is able to locate the hotspot before the 7secs.. (using Storyline 360)

Trigger set up:

Show layer "Hint Caption" when user hovers over "Hotspot"

Change state of "Character 1" to "Hidden" when user hovers over "Hotspot"

Pause/Stop audio when the user hovers over "Hotspot"

The idea is to have the character hidden, the audio stopped/paused and the answer revealed when the user hovers over the hotspot. It works when the user finds the hotspot almost simultaneously as the character begins to speak but doesn't shut it down if found prior.. Where am I going wrong?? Any help would be much appreciated.. Thanks!  (I probably have to use the dreaded variables)


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Wendy Farmer

I set a trigger to change the state of the offstage oval to visited when timeline reaches 7 seconds.

I changed the hint caption and hint image to be on the timeline for duration of the slide but changed their initial state (states tab) to hidden and these get triggered when timelines reaches 7 seconds but only if the state of the oval is not visited.

I paused audio 3 when timeline starts, then triggered to play when timeline reaches 7 seconds on condition oval not visited.

Hope that helps

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