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Michael Marcos

HI Erica, 

If you are still experiencing the problem, would you mind posting more details about the issue you are having with the font? I think more of our members in the community will chime in if we have more information.

  • What version of Storyline and Windows/MacOSX are you using?
  • Has the font ever worked before? Does it work in a different application?
  • If you are able to attach your .story file here, that would allow the community to take a closer look at the project itself.
  • If you are not at liberty to share your .story file, a screenshot would do as well.
  • If you could share the font here too, that would be great. (Or share the url where it was downloaded from).

If you are new to Storyline, this article: Storyline Best Practices, can be of great help in explaining what to expect from the Storyline and how to minimize problems in developing your project. 

Lastly, there is this thread: Fonts supported by storyline, in the same community forums may provide some insight to your issue.