Please add updates to Storyline 3

Hi, i've working with Storyline 3 and i have to say that is a beautiful app that allows you to make light and complex animation with some time but...

I always have been desire that you guys release updates to this wonderful program, updates that allows you things like a lot of new animations, select multiple triggers at same time, a option to shrink the interface, more precision in the alignment of objects, add new triggers like "start from a reference point", etc...

Thanks for read my suggest! and soory for my english.

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Hans Christian Macaraeg

Hello David,

Those are great features and it be helpful to all users using Storyline. You can let the developers know about this feature, you can submit a feature request by clicking the link below:

I am excited to see that feature in the future.

Wish you all the best.

Reynaldo Galang

Hi David,

Thanks for the inputs. You can be sure that Articulate won’t stop looking for ways on how to make your experience using their apps a wonderful time and bring out the creativity in you.

 You too can help improve Articlate’s E-learning apps by submitting your suggestions through this site:

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.