Please bare this in mind if you have bad eye sight or know an Instructional Designer who does

Hello all,

Just wanted to make people aware of something very bizarre which came up today as it could possibly effect others and cause a lot of confusion as to why it is happening.

So I had two people working on the same Storyline file, however whenever each opened the file they had differences in text size, words overlapping shapes and also making text entry boxes move to undesired locations. We checked that the one that was showing it wrong had all the latest updates, had the correct font and also that they had not made any alterations with default shapes as a random thought. After deleting and re-installing Storyline, banging our heads quite a lot, we finally worked out what the difference was.

The file that was showing all the info wrong was on a machine where the person had poor eye sight and so had changed their Windows Display settings from Smaller which is the default, to Medium. Thus making regular computer life easier to view but bizarrely having a negative effect on there Storyline builds.

We have now changed it to Smaller for when working on Storyline which has solved the problem but thought it best to keep people informed in case they ever experienced this.

If Articulate could look into this and whether an update could be put in place then that would be great.

All the best and happy creating.




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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi John,

As Wendy mentioned that DPI setting is necessary to work with Storyline - and not using that setting could cause odd behavior in the file or the Storyline interface itself. You'll find that it may display small on a high resolution monitor, and this is something we've shared with our QA team in regards to scaling the display to work better with those monitors. I included a explanation in this forum thread based on our recent conversations with our QA team and we'll continue to keep folks posted about any change in this behavior.