Please help! Audio on Slide Layer Unexpected Behavior when Revisiting

Hello. I was hoping someone could please help me with this issue. (I have attached the course here, so you can see what is going on). 

I have a Main Menu slide (Slide 1.4); on the base layer, I have an audio clip. On the same slide, I have four buttons, with text and audio that displays on hovers over each of the buttons; that is done with a layer containing the text and the audio. All that works great. 

From each of the buttons, the learner can explore a module. After the last slide in the module, they return to the Main Menu. 

The problem is that when they return, I would like only the audio from the base layer to play, but I am afraid that if I turn "When Revisiting to Reset to Initial State" then I will lose the State changes in the buttons that should now be in the "Completed" state...

What is happening now is that the audio from one of the layers resumes on revisiting and this makes the whole course seem very unprofessional and messy. 

Is there a way on revisiting to preserve the "Completed" stage but play the audio from the Base Layer? Could anyone please help? Thank you so much!!!


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Michael!

I really appreciate you sharing your file! You'll need to add a trigger to play the media when the timeline starts. I've walked you through adding the trigger to your project in this short video.

I'm also attaching the updated .story file to this reply. Please let me know if you have any questions!