Please help...Cannot get a usable link to send to user SME's

I have users getting the same error message when taking the link I send to them after publishing. I have been publishing courses the same was for several year and not had this issue.  I save to my local drive then publish to my netword drive then copy over to the network location where users will be running it from.  User are consistently getting the same error message that file cannot be found.  I cannot figure this out because I am doing the same steps I have always done.  I am super late on turning this project in, any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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Phil Mayor

Does it work for you?

Do other storyline courses work from that location?

Looking at the location it looks like your private folder, do you have to give permission? Do you need to change from private to public.

Finally did you publish to html5?

All that said, running the content from Network drives is unsupported so may break at any time.