Please help, javascript to email and print is not working

I am experiencing an issue with javascript within my articulate storyline project, as the email and print buttons do not function, I have read all of the various threads about publishing and accessing via the internet or to CD but nothing works. Is there anybody that may be able to help with my issue?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, GForces Training -- I see that Jerson is helping you here! I also wanted to add that although we don't provide support for JavaScript coding, it may be helpful to take a look at this document on JavaScript Best Practices. Please feel free to update if you are all set or if you're still looking for additional suggestions from the JS experts in the community! 

Jerson  Campos

Do you use any programs to edit your javascript or do you use the built in editor in Storyline?

I use Brackets. Its a free open source editor. What I like about it is that it colors the code so it's easier to read.  Usually I code the javascript there and paste it into Storyline.  This helps speed things up for me.