Please help - Main Menu Screen & tracking

Nov 21, 2013

I am new to storyline. I have a project that has 8 sections, with 25 slides in each section. 20 of the slides are content, 4 are test slides, and 1 is a result slide.  I have these already built out. After completing each section, I want the user to come back to a main menu screen where it should show the section marked complete (e.g. check mark over the section name), and then the user is to begin the next section. I just created 8 individual slides for the purpose with each slide showing a progression of check marks on it as completed. and then placed at the end of each section. but  I am not sure this is what is right, or this is what is needed.

Please help me figure out how to use a main menu slide to accomplish my goal.

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Michael Hinze

This example here was built to track the completion of seven sections/scenes. There is one main menu. At the end of each section, a True/False variable is set to True. Back at the main menu, the states for each button are set based on this variable. Also, once all seven topics have been completed, a layer is displayed that allows users to advance to a summary slide. Hope you can glean the logic from this file and adapt it to your needs.

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