May 24, 2016


I have an e-Learning session due tomorrow evening and the audio will not work -- no sound.

I created a recording as well as inserted a YouTube video.  Once I preview or publish it, they both play and I can hear the recording through my headphones (using Adobe Connect); however, the audience cannot hear anything.

Why is it not working????

For some reason, the Articulate Storyline 2 project will not upload...


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Michelle Buckland

Hi Walt,

Do you believe it makes a difference of headphones being plugged in?

Also, out of curiosity does it matter of the feature I used to record it?  I used the Record Screen I used my keyboard and spoke at the same time.  Would I have to use the Audio feature instead?

Thanks so much for your quick reply!  :)

Michelle Buckland

I publish it as Web.  Once I go to view, neither the Youtube video or the Articulate Storyline 2 technical demonstration can be heard using Adobe Connect (sharing application).  I tried it both the headphones and through the computer microphone. The Articulate Storyline 2 project has been saved and published in Step-by-Step mode.

I have attached the dialog box when I publish it for Web.

Michelle Buckland

Hi Leslie,

Had no problem hearing your attached file.  But, you are so right....the issues are with the 'Sharing Application' feature.  Just got off the phone with my professor and numerous tasks had/have to be done to make it work (due to incompatibility).  Actually just got off an Adobe Connect session (for over an hour) with her.

Everything should work now which certain things have to be done at her end  (as the Host).  

BTW: Does the web view after publishing the project work better with IE or Google Chrome?

So overwhelming; however, learned a lot! :)


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