Please Help with creating a random assessment from a question bank which repeats on an incorrect score.

Hi Team

I am writing a module which has a bank of 47 questions. I would like to have the system draw 20 random questions from the deck for the assessment.  If the user fails, I would like the system to draw another 20 questions and so on until the user scores 100%.

So far all of my attempts have resulted in either the same 20 questions repeating or the assessment showing as incomplete in the LMS after a successful score has been registered.

Can anyone help/see what i am doing wrong?


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Rachael.

You're not doing anything wrong - Question Banks can be random, just not for every additional "run".

What you need to implement is the "Random Grab bag" technique. There's no easy way to do this - for starters you will need to use a JS trigger to draw different questions every time. You can grab the core code here (see attached story in that post).

Hope this provides a decent starting point.