Please oh Please - What is the problem here?

I've been staring at this slide for hours............  

It was an SL2 upgrade that was converted to 360 with a few other tweaks (new GUI and some additional functionality) but there is motion path that I don't want or see listed in the triggers when from step 3 back to step 2 that I just can't fix.

I don't see any issues w/ the programming and been experimenting with fixes literally for hours.

Anyone see the issue that I evidently can't?

Thank you in advance,

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Phil Mayor

It is the trigger when state of rectangle Is 2 move the rectangle which is causing the animation. because it is not a relative animation it jumps back. How to fix, probably need to add the movement  to the forward button that way it will not fire backwards, rather than on state change, or create a state 2b for backwards that is a copy of 2

Randy Hill

Actually the easy fix was to just change that faulty trigger, the one moving on step 2, to move on the motion line when the gtstepcout was 2 like you did for the others. I renamed the motion paths so it was easier to see. Moving on step 2 was causing it to move both ways, coming in and out of step 2.