Point & Click - Notifications (layers) when clicking on areas

Aug 11, 2018

Hi folks,

I really need your help.

I am making a small dot & click that takes place in the passenger compartment of a car. See attachment.

The learner must click on a series of elements in the correct order.


1) he must cut the contact

2) he must apply the hand brake

3) he must click on the hazard warning light button

4) 5) he can take his mobile phone and his safety vest in the order he wants


I've worked with click areas that show or hide object layers if the action is allowed. A green message (a layer) is displayed too if the learner clicks the right way at the right moment. A red message is displayed to indicate to the learner which preliminary steps must be completed.

I'm almost done setting this up, but I encounter some little bugs:

Some red messages (vest and mobile phone) are displayed each time I click on the area as long as there are still steps to complete. This is precisely the effect I'm looking for: display a notification each time.

However, I can't reproduce the same behaviour for the first objects: hand brake, hazard lights. The messages are displayed only once on first click.

Conversely, I would like to block/stop green notifications once the action has been completed. However, some are blocked and others are not (vest).

Finally, could you tell me how I could display a last "you can now get out of the car" layer once these 5 interactions have been performed?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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