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Good Morning,

I did a quiz of 100 questions including yes / no ; multiple or unique choice questions. I didn't modify the "automatic" score Storyline gave for each question.

But somebody asked me if it is possible to"adjust" the score following the answers : for example a question with 3 good proposals and the learner gives 2 correct answers, can we do a parameter with 1/2 point...

Is it possible to use the points area with minus 5 or minus 2 while the correct socre in Storyline is 10 ? Because as I have 100 questions ... and not all the same question ...

Thanks a lot for your feedbacks.





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Georvy Sacramento

Hello Fabienne,

Good day!

Wow! You must have devoted your time doing 100 questions!

Yes, the best way to come up with an accurate score is to modify the points area just like on your screenshot forum_story.PNG for every incorrect answer. You may even set a different point for every question depending on what you feel is the weight of that question. You are on the right track with the points per question. :)