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Mar 23, 2015

Within Storyline, is it possible to setup a quiz item (or survey item) so that the results of everyone who answers the question are calculated together and displayed on a Results slide in a bar chart of some type, much like PollEverywhere and other systems can do?  

The SME I'm working with wants about 10 poll-like items inserted into one module of a training and wants particpants to see how others responded.  I've tried other external poll/survey systems and they work.  I'm concerned about having to manage the external system with so many poll questions and it's continued integration into the module.  With most external systems there's also a fee after so many people respond, so I'd like to not have to set up a paid subscription service for this.  Thanks in advance for any input you can provide.

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Lydia Frass

Hi Srinivas,

Unfortunately, from what I've gathered, there is no way to build in a poll using a Storyline tool or template.  You have to  use an external system like PollEverywhere or SurveyMonkey.  It is easy to insert.  Insert a Web Object on a slide and insert the URL or embed code those systems provide. 

Most external systems limit the number of responses you can see per month unless you have a paid subscription and you have to have someone monitor these periodically to ensure the links don't break.   

I hope this helps.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi April!

This thread is a bit dated, but you are welcome to reach out to individuals in this thread in case they are no longer subscribed. Simply click on their name to be taken to their user profile and utilize the 'Contact Me' option. 

Hopefully anyone else utilizing a service like this will be able to chime in and assist as well.

If you were having difficulty understanding web objects, we have a great tutorial here.

April  Bonner

In case anyone else finds this thread in a search, I was having issues making Poll Everywhere work within Storyline. However the problem was with my company's outdated browser---it wasn't Storyline and Poll Everywhere interaction--they work together!

See here:  https://community.articulate.com/discussions/building-better-courses/interactive-polling

The layout of P.E. is now slightly different than described, but you use the link found under:

"Live Results Link (Secret!)"

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