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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Terry. I'm hearing the same thing when I export a text-to-speech audio and insert the resulting .mp3 into my project. I'm going to write this issue up for my team to review.

In the meantime, I'll get you into a support case so we can explore workaround ideas. You'll get an email from support soon!

Rinnai America

What i have done to workaround the issue is the following:

  1. On a single slide, publish only the text-to-speech audio to WEB
  2. I use Camtasia to screen capture the output when I play the .html5 file
  3. I then publish that project to audio only output.

It's a lot more work, but i get a clean file i can use.

Gregg Morrison


I just looked as this as I had the same quality issue.  However, I published the project for Web, Clicked Custom Optimization and set the Audio Bitrate to Max.  Then when you look at the published file, all the MP3 files are in the Story Content folder and are higher quality than those I tried to export.  They have random file names, but it didn't take long to rename them.