Poor Image (Animated Gif) Compression


I am experiencing incredibly poor (virtually useless) results due to compression of animated gifs.  As you can see from the examples, I have provided the original file and the post-publish A360 compressed versions.

Any suggestions on how to get around this problem that seems to have been around for five years or so?


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Jeffrey Crump

Hi. I was able to figure out the following:

1) Instead of using an animated gif, save the animation as an MP4 video. That alone will resolve the image quality issue.  Of course, since it's now a video, you can select No Compression to help ensure the quality remains intact.

2) With the help of Articulate Support, I found out that using the Classic Player vs. the Modern Player will also help. Apparently the Classic Player doesn't compress images.

I compared the two options above and I would recommend option 1, convert to MP4s.

I have submitted a feature request to allow users to select No Compression on images as well. I think this would solve everyone's problems with poor image quality in Articulate SL360.