Poor quality video should be fixed

Hello Everybody

Sorry if I post again thi message but I would like to get from Articulate a formal update, otherwise we have to change software. We like so much Storyline but is going to be difficult....

We are creating many storyline projects with inside many slides, each slide with a video or an animation.

We are frustated due to the fact that after publishing the quality get drammatically corrupted.

Huge work with high quality material... and at the end poor quality material....it doesn't make sense

Replacing the files is and added work to do, but sorry you get crazy in trying to recognize 50 videos in the published folder with the file name not alligned respect to the source file.

We tried other software and this is not happening. My opinion is that you should be allowed to decide the file compression, we know that you can but is not enough even if you set to maximum values.

Another issue is that when you preview you should see the final work, but is not like that because after publishing the compression is too high.

Sorry again, but this is a bug that shoul be fixed, otherwise we need to change software even if we love Storyline!

It is strange that this issue has not been fixed already

Please let us know if there are some workaround or other suggestions.

Thanks a lot


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Franco Franco

Hello Nick and thanks for the information

I know this way but we are talking to modify approx 50 published projects, each project 50 videos, it means 2500 videos to change... :-. In addition the name convention is not alligned (when the video is published it changes the name, so is going to be very difficult to find the right video to replace)

It should ne inserted a possibility to don't change the quality compression as Articulate Presenter seam to has.

there are many complain around this, is difficult undertand why they are not considering to fixe this issue.

Thanks again

Awaiting any other suggestion or news

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Franco,

I understand the frustration and difficulty with the issue of replacing the videos, and it has been something that a number of users have shared in regards to a feature request for the next version of Storyline to leave the videos uncompressed. At this time, I don't have an update to share in regards to what features may be included or when the next version may be released, but please share these thoughts with our product development team through that link, as they use these to keep track of how many users, what types of features, considerations for new features, etc. and it's the best way to ensure that your voice is heard.