Poor Sound Quality after Windows Update

Jan 31, 2014

I recently had my computer re-imaged at work to update from Windows XP to Windows 7. Prior to this update, I always got crystal-clear sound through my microphone in Storyline. Now the sound quality is horrible... fuzzy, muted, and disjointed, like I'm recording on an old cassette recorder... my boss and I have looked at every option we can think of in the Control Panel Sound options, but nothing seems to be working. Our Tech Support isn't really versed on recordings, either, so they're not going to be any help. All my training videos have been beautiful up to this point, and now they're going to sound low-quality, if I can't get this resolved.

I already submitted a case for this, but the solution was to uninstall & reinstall Storyline, which I've already done, and that didn't change the issue at all... and I'm not even sure it's a Storyline specific issue... Can you please offer some suggestions or perhaps log into my device and walk me through how to fix this? Thank you!!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Chrisanna,

I was able to find your support case (#00381973 for my reference). I do see that our support engineers recommended uninstalling and reinstalling, as you mentioned, but I don't see any other responses. If you're still having trouble, please respond so they can continue working with you. 

As for the issue being Storyline-specific, I may agree that it's not. However, have you been able to confirm that the sound issues exist out side of Storyline? For example, if you watch a YouTube video or listen so some audio outside of Storyline, do you have the same quality issues?

Have you checked your sound card drivers? These are usually available as a free download from the manufacturer. Sometimes, they can also be available through Windows Update - be sure to check the optional updates just to be safe. 

Let me know if you have any updates or see any improvement. 


Chrisanna  Hibbitts

Thanks, Christine,

The issue did end up being the audio drivers. Our local tech support downloaded some instructions from online, and it seemed to at least fix the background "white noise" issue, but now I have to have the microphone & the speakers turned up to full volume, and have the microphone right up next to my mouth for the sound to come through. It works, it's just inconvenient... and I didn't have to do any of those things before... In fact, the microphone used to sit across the desk, and would pick up the slightest sound... so while we can work with what we have, I wish it was a better situation.

Thanks again for your response.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Chrisanna,

I apologize for the long delay. I've been out of the office.

I'm very happy to hear that updating the drivers helped. I'm sorry to hear that it's a bit difficult to work with. 

Have you considered trying a new microphone? I'm just curious if it might be something with the hardware, especially since the update of the drivers made a bit of an improvement. I wonder if something happened - I'm not sure if you have a warranty on the hardware or not. If you do, perhaps they could do an RMA?

Let me know how it goes! :)

Alicia Breig

I am having this same issue now with Storyline 2 and also Articulate Replay.


here is the background:

I had Storyline 1 and never had this issue.

I downloaded Storyline 2 in March and when I first started using it all was well. 

Last  week I was recording with SnagIt but was having issues with SnagIt, so used Articulate Replay instead, which was working great.  Then beginning of this week, had to switch back from Articulate Replay to SnagIt, because then the sound quality for Articulate Replay was suddenly poor but SnagIt started working beautifully. 

I only tried recording in Articulate Storyline again today, and the sound quality is just as poor as it is in Replay -- it's exactly like how Christina described it "fuzzy, muted, and disjointed, like I'm recording on an old cassette recorder"

I am convinced that it is not my microphone since it is recording beautifully on other programs at the moment.  I am not sure if this is related to SnagIt at all or not, but couldn't help but notice the timing of my issues with SnagIt.  

Could you advise?

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