Poor video resolution in Storyline

We are publishing a course that include video clips (mp4s).  The video clips are sized to fit the course window and have good resolution when played outside of Storyline.  My developer selected the highest quality settings for publishing and the end results are terrible!  The still graphics are affected as well.  Example screen shots attached.  Is there a setting we missed that can improve the resolution?  We are creating this course for a large corporate client and the current results will not be acceptable.  We may have to use different software?

Original video 

How it looks in a published Storyline course - Video has NOT been resized

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Jill Proudfoot

Just wanted to update everyone on this issue.  The course we are developing contains over 40 movie clips.  Storyline assigns a "random" new name to the files, so identifying which optimized video matches which original video, when there are 40 of them in a single course is problematic.  This is obviously compounded if it needs to be done after each version publish. (We didn't test this.)  So - we are still dealing with how to get better quality videos.  

Cheng Li

If the original video size is larger than the Storyline story size, then Storyline automatically resize the video size to fit into Storyline. That, I assume, is the reason why the video gets poor quality in Storyline. 

So if you adjust the story size to match the video size, and set the storyline player to display at its optimal size, the video will display at its original size with the best quality.