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Sep 17, 2013

I was thinking recently that it would be cool to have an HTML style popup menu in a course and started looking at the different ways I could do this. I could use States and Variables and get really fancy... but when I started thinking about that method the amount of front-end work looked a little more time consuming than my schedule allowed. So I chose the multi-layer approach. I'm sharing my proof of concept. I would be very interested if anyone has achieved a similar effect using variables and states.



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stanton mackellar

Thanks for your feedback Ashley.

I had thought of this also. but to replicate a Web App (so, not having a HOME option on the menu) I think would require variables and state changes which was going to mean more work...

So your response challenged me. However, I have hit a roadblock.

I have a rectangle that should change state (to one of 6 colours) based upon the value of a numberic variable.

The variable is working as I have referenced it in the rectangle. So it changes properly, but the state change is ignored.

Any thoughts?

This is fun, BTW.



stanton mackellar

I noticed that I made an error in the previous story by not properly attributing the base layer in the action triggers. Still, even when I correct that, the state changes still does not work.

If someone can solve this little mystery there is a virtual beer in it for you, virtually enjoyed vicariously through me


Lloyd Hill

Hi Stanton, here is a solution and slight variation to the menu you wanted. It actually includes a HTML menu that is styled with css. We've included 24 themes and an accordion option. We built this dynamic menu for Storyline 2 for several of our clients and are happy to now share it with you for a nominal fee: Full details here: [old link - removed]

Update May 2020: Here's our latest version of this plugin: https://blendedminds.com.au/storyline-branching-plugin/

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