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I was thinking recently that it would be cool to have an HTML style popup menu in a course and started looking at the different ways I could do this. I could use States and Variables and get really fancy... but when I started thinking about that method the amount of front-end work looked a little more time consuming than my schedule allowed. So I chose the multi-layer approach. I'm sharing my proof of concept. I would be very interested if anyone has achieved a similar effect using variables and states.



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stanton mackellar

Thanks for your feedback Ashley.

I had thought of this also. but to replicate a Web App (so, not having a HOME option on the menu) I think would require variables and state changes which was going to mean more work...

So your response challenged me. However, I have hit a roadblock.

I have a rectangle that should change state (to one of 6 colours) based upon the value of a numberic variable.

The variable is working as I have referenced it in the rectangle. So it changes properly, but the state change is ignored.

Any thoughts?

This is fun, BTW.



stanton mackellar

I noticed that I made an error in the previous story by not properly attributing the base layer in the action triggers. Still, even when I correct that, the state changes still does not work.

If someone can solve this little mystery there is a virtual beer in it for you, virtually enjoyed vicariously through me


Ashley Terwilliger

Luke beat me too it! 

You'll see he changed the trigger to when "variable changes" instead of when "timeline starts" which makes it work as the variable is what is changing each time (there isn't a new timeline for each of the color portions, as they're all on the same slide/timeline). 

Thanks Luke! 

stanton mackellar

It's a bit early in the morning, but a promise is a promise. Fffssssstt! glug glug glug!!! Enjoy.

Thanks Luke and Ashley. Great catch. I knew there was a mistake in there somewhere... I might have found it if it wasn't for the brain damage caused by repeatedly banging my head against my desk



Lloyd Hill

Hi Stanton, here is a solution and slight variation to the menu you wanted. It actually includes a HTML menu that is styled with css. We've included 24 themes and an accordion option. We built this dynamic menu for Storyline 2 for several of our clients and are happy to now share it with you for a nominal fee: Full details here: [old link - removed]

Update May 2020: Here's our latest version of this plugin: https://blendedminds.com.au/storyline-branching-plugin/