pop up menus with View Step Mode slides

I would like to have a menu button always available for the learners while watching a step by step screen capture that would allow them to click on buttons that will return to the start of the chapter, skip to the next chapter, etc.

I was hoping that it would not be intrusive on the screen, visable at all times and could be a 'hide / unhide' type bar that would appear when I click and then disappear again.

I have tried with layers and it works great until I add my step by step screen capture. Are there other ways to design this type of menu that will work over top of the screen captures?


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Hilary Goodnight

Thanks for the reply. I added the button and layer to the slide master, and it doesn't appear on the screen cast slide, only on slides without the step by step content.

The screencast is also fixed to the slide and is automatically centered. I would have loved to had it align to the top left.

I think I will move on with plan B for this project but will continue to look for alternative navigation methods with step by step screencast slide.